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IRIS® X-Large Stacking  Drawer - Black
IRIS® X-Large Stacking  Drawer - BlackIRIS® Stackable Storage Drawer  
IRIS® 51 Quart XL Stackable Drawer - Black
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This 51 quart stacking drawer is great for organizing closets, play rooms or laundry rooms. Great for clothes, toys, office supplies and more. These space savers maximize vertical storage space by stacking on top of each other and feature easy sliding clear front drawers which make identifying the contents of each drawer quick and easy. Perfect for closets, dorm rooms, craft workshops, and more, these storage containers are constructed of durable polypropylene to provide a long lasting storage solution that is functional and easy to clean.

Item Information:
Item #: 24565
In Stock: Yes
Sold By: Each
UPC: 762016435886
Brand: IRIS®
Manufacturer Item #: 129807
Weight in pounds: 5
Dimensions: 20.6"W x 18.9"L x 10.24"H

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